5 Causes of Infertility in Men & Women

5 Causes of Infertility in Men & Women

Infertility is a common problem that affects both the male & female partners equally. Many of the couples struggle with infertility and seek help to become conceiving. Here are the most common causes of infertility faced by men and women today.

Causes of Infertility in Men

Male infertility is more difficult to diagnose than female infertility because symptoms do not show up early. There are some causes of male infertility.

  1. Varicoceles:
    A varicocele is an enlargement of veins within the scrotum, which can lead to complications with normal sperm production. It is the most common cause of infertility in men. It can lead to infertility is because the specialists raise the internal temperature of the scrotum. Varicoceles have been linked to low sperm count and quality of the sperm.
  2. Retrograde ejaculation
    Retrograde ejaculation is also known as dry ejaculation. It occurs when semen enters the bladder during orgasm instead of coming out of the penis. Even if a man has healthy sperm, problems with ejaculation can prevent conception.
  3. Tubal issues
    Tubal factor infertility occurs when a blockage in the Fallopian tubes will not allow the egg and sperm to meet. Tubal factor infertility accounts for about 25-30% of all cases of infertility.
  4. Infections
    Infections, especially those that are left untreated for a long time, can cause significant damage to the sperm and tubes. HIV can also create complications with healthy sperm production and transport.
  5. Lifestyle factors
    One of the main causes of male infertility is unhealthy lifestyle choices. Smoking is one of the most widespread causes of male infertility. Obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, and recreational drugs can also affect sperm count and quality. Additionally, bodybuilding supplements have been linked to low fertility levels among men. Exposure to environmental factors such as heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and radiation can also affect fertility.

Causes of Infertility in Women

Female infertility can cause hormonal disruptions & also other factors are the causes of infertility in women. These are the most common causes of infertility in women.

  1. Endometriosis
    One of the main cause is endometriosis is heavy and painful periods. During normal menstruation, the uterine lining formed in anticipation of pregnancy sheds and is removed from the body. However, when a woman has endometriosis, the uterine lining does not completely shed.
  2. Irregular periods
    If a woman regularly experiences irregular periods, then ovulation cycles can be unpredictable. PCOS is one of the most common reasons for irregular periods in women & it is also a major cause of female infertility. Irregular periods can also be due to stress, emotional issues, sudden weight loss or weight gain.
  3. Age
    Age is one of the biggest concerns for women trying to get pregnant because it can affect the quality of eggs. After 35 years of age, every passing year can lead to further decreasing the egg quality. Even if a woman hasn’t hit menopause, she might still have issues getting pregnant. With age, the increase in the risk of a miscarriage is also much higher.
  4. Fallopian tube issues
    After an egg is fertilized by a sperm, it needs to travel through the Fallopian tube to reach the uterus. If there are issues with the Fallopian tube, it can severely impact a woman’s chances of conceiving.
  5. Lifestyle factors
    Smoking has a big impact on female infertility as it does on male infertility. Miscarriages are found to be more common among women who have a history of smoking. Recreational drugs like marijuana can also prevent conception & it becomes overweight or underweight women might face issues with fertility. Women who are long-time users of birth control pills might also have trouble conceiving because these drugs interfere with the body’s normal hormone production.

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