Infertility Awareness Month: When to See a Fertility Doctor

Getting pregnant isn't always easy. How long should you try to get pregnant before talking to your healthcare provider? When is it time to see a fertility specialist?

Infertility Awareness Month: When to See a Fertility Doctor

It's easy to become impatient if you don't get pregnant right away, but it's also important not to delay asking for help if you think you might have a fertility problem. Here are some signs that it might be time to talk with your provider.

Recommended Time to Try Getting Pregnant

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), if a couple has not achieved pregnancy after one year of having unprotected sex, they should seek professional help getting pregnant.

However, if the woman is over 35, a couple should not wait a full year. In this case, couples should talk to their provider if they don't conceive after six months of trying.

You don't necessarily need to wait six months to a year before asking for help conceiving. In some cases, you should ask for help much sooner.

Talk to your provider about having a fertility evaluation as soon as possible if:

  • You have a family history of early menopause or primary ovarian insufficiency (also known as premature ovarian failure)
  • You have a family history of BRCA+ breast cancer or another reproductive cancer
  • You have a genetic condition that is known to affect fertility
  • You have irregular periods, endometriosis, or PCOS
  • You have two miscarriages in a row3
  • You or your partner has a history of sexually transmitted infections4
  • Do you or your partner have any risk factors or symptoms of infertility

Miscarriage is common, but repeated miscarriage is not. Having two or more pregnancy losses in a row may indicate trouble with staying pregnant (even if you can get pregnant easily).

Charting Your Cycles

If you're having trouble getting pregnant but don't have symptoms of infertility that your provider should assess, you might want to try body basal temperature charting.

Charting your cycles might help you determine that you are not ovulating regularly or that your luteal phase isn't long enough to sustain a pregnancy. You'll also be able to show your provider that despite having had sex at the right time of the month for six months, you are still not pregnant.

If you discover either of these issues, don't wait to talk to your provider. Some providers will consider testing for fertility problems sooner if you've been charting your body basal temperature for six months (even if there is no obvious problem).

Unless you have a history of infertility and an established relationship with a fertility doctor, you should first see your gynecologist. If you have a male partner, they should see a urologist to have their fertility tested.

Your gynecologist or fertility doctor will run basic fertility tests, then recommend a treatment plan. If your gynecologist thinks it's necessary, they might refer you to a reproductive endocrinologist for additional testing or treatment.

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