Cost of IVF Treatment in India

Since last 6-8 years Indians opting for IVF Treatment has increased rapidly. Although Cost of IVF Treatment in India which is normally above 1.5 Lakh is lowest as compared to countries like US, UK and others, the treatment is still not affordable by couples from poor or middle class section of the society. And with rising infertility problems in Indian couples due to hectic life style, work pressure and other reasons there is a need of Low Cost IVF Treatment Centres in India (Bangalore).

The Cost of IVF Treatment in India varies from 69000/- to 1,75,000/- Indian Rupees depending on the expertise of IVF Doctors in Bangalore and past IVF success rates at the respective IVF centre. Each of the IVF doctors in Bangalore practice at one of the Best IVF Centres in Bangalore.

Cost of IVF Treatment in India

Low Cost IVF Treatment in India

(Reproductive Health Consultant):

We are offering the cheapest and affordable IVF Treatment in India with high success rates. The Cost of IVF Treatment in Bangalore starting from Rs.69000/-* Excluding Medicine. We also offer Low Cost IVF Treatment in Hyderabad, the Cost of IVF Treatment in Hyderabad is starting from Rs. 79000/-* excluding medicine.

Cost of IVF Treatment in India

We are considering the special packages than other IVF Centers in Bangalore, India for national as well as international patients. We are Considering as the Affordable IVF Treatment in India, Bangalore. The cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure in India is very low when compared to the costs in the Western Countries.

Here, is a Table, which offers you more details about IVF Cost in Indian Rupees. Please have a look at it. Consequently, it has become a necessity to go through your budget and the requirements.

Treatment Name Success Rate IVF Cost in India (Rs.)
IVF Fair 69000
IVF Good 99000
IVF High 1,20,000 To 1,75,000

Why do Costs for IVF Vary in India?

The simple answer—everyone is different and therefore needs a custom IVF treatment to be successful. Since no IVF experience is created equal, it’s very common for varying costs to come into play.

Basic IVF is simply the baseline for IVF procedures. Depending on your fertility or genetic issue, your IVF journey may be different. For example, even the IVF medication cost also varies from one hospital to another and also the facilities during and after treatment influence the Cost of IVF Treatment in India.

Now Don’t Worry about the IVF Cost, By Considering all the factors, we Simplified the IVF Treatment Cost in India. Check below Info-graphic to know about the Exact cost which we distributed in Three different parameters by considering the IVF Success Rate towards the Cost in India.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Bangalore

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Our Current Service Locations for IVF Treatment in India are as follows:-

  • Bangalore (18 Service areas in Bangalore)
  • Hyderabad (4 Service areas in Hyderabad)

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Why India is preferred choice for IVF Treatment by Couples from other Countries?

Low Cost IVF Treatment (Reproductive Health Consultant) is playing a significant role in Medical Tourism in Bangalore & Hyderabad. Medical Tourism is a Big Business in India, and when it comes to IVF Treatment, the number is very high because of the following main reasons:

  • Compared to other Countries like US, Canada and others the cost of IVF Treatment in India (Bangalore) is very less. It is less than Half.
  • The primary reason for Higher Cost in these countries is due to the expensive facilities, Medical Devices etc. which are available at less price in India.
  • IVF specialists in India Bangalore are highly educated with years of experience.
  • Specialists are also well versed in communicating in English, which makes patients feel comfortable as they can explain their condition in detail. This is an added advantage compared to doctors in competing countries like Brazil, Thailand, Mexico and others.

How Successful is IVF Treatment in India?

We Help Infertile patients to get the Best IVF Treatment that lead to excellent outcomes. Based on the method of estimation utilized, this result might signify the number of established pregnancies, known as the number of live births referred to as the live birth rate.

The success ratio rate for IVF depends on the age of the woman, cause of infertility, years of infertility, type of embryo transfer, quality of the sperm and whether self-eggs or donor eggs were used. The success rate is higher when frozen embryos are used as opposed to fresh embryos. Success is higher in younger women, so even when a woman has an embryo transfer, say in her 40s with embryos that were created when she was in her 30s, her chance of success is that of a woman in her 30s.

Frozen cycles tend to have a higher success rate as the embryos that survive the thawing process will be more robust, resulting in higher chances of achieving a pregnancy. Donor eggs likewise come from a younger donor who is medically fit and hence tends to give better success rates. Better the sperm quality better the success rate.


Success in IVF is measured in various parameters for audit purposes. The fertilisation rate, implantation rate, clinical pregnancy rate, take home baby rate etc. Of significance is the live birth rate as this is the chance that any couple having treatment will take a baby home. Irrespective of the age of the patient, a live birth rate of around 30% is considered as gold standard around the world.

The achievement rate depends upon light elements like maternal age, the reason for infertility, embryo level, historical reproductive past, and also lifestyle elements. As a result of developments in reproductive technology, IVF success rates are significantly higher these days as compared to these were just a couple of years ago concluded the IVF Treatment.

With over 35000+ successful IVF treatments coupled with State of the Science Equipment &Treatment, we encourage a culture of inclusiveness. Team work,dedication & high on ethics forms the fundamental of our success story. We encourage & implement highest levels of transparency between the patients & doctors.This in turn creates trust zone.

We are among the growing fertility Consultant in India, Bangalore. We are offering some of the Highest Success Rates in the region. Get Low Cost IVF Treatment in Bangalore India with High IVF Success Rate in India, Bangalore.

How IVF Works?

To Know more about IVF Treatment & How it works Check out the 3D Animated video Below…


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