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Get the Most Affordable IVF Treatment Cost in Pune, Maharashtra with highest success rate. Low cost IVF packages starting from INR 69,000/-* only. Book an appointment / Free Consultation today.


Complete Guide for IVF Treatment, Success Rate & it’s Cost in Pune

Whenever we are planning to go for the IVF Treatment in Pune you should always keep these three things in mind.

By considering all the factors we @ “Low Cost IVF Treatment” decides to offer the most affordable IVF Treatment Cost in Pune, India with Highest Success Rate by the Highly Experienced IVF Doctors, Who offers you the Best IVF Treatment at Very Minimal Cost.

What is the IVF Treatment Cost in Pune 2021?

Our Cost of IVF Treatment varies from Rs. 69,000/-* to 79,000/-* (Excluding Medicines & Freezing). This price will vary depending on Patients Age, Blood reports, the amount of medications you're required to take, the number of IVF cycles you undergo and So on. 

IVF Treatment Cost in Pune - 2021

We offer the Most Affordable IVF Cost in Pune starting at just Rs. 69, 000/-* excluding prescribed medicines and Injections, etc. Our IVF package including medicines will cost you around 1.3 to 1.6 lakh.

Check out the Minimum, Average & Maximum Cost of IVF in Pune (Exclusive of Medicines).

Procedure Name Success Rate Treatment Cost (Rs.)
Minimum IVF Cost in Pune 65% - 72% 69, 000/-*
Average IVF Cost in Pune 65% - 72% 75, 000/-*
Maximum IVF Cost in Pune 65% - 72% 79, 000/-*

This is not fixed. Your IVF Treatment / Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune can increase or decrease due to many factors like your previous health condition, the period of your infertility and type of infertility, while you may also need other treatments along with IVF. Different locations are offering different IVF treatment costs.

What is the IVF Success Rate in Pune?

“Low Cost IVF Treatment” provides the Highest IVF Success Rate in Maharashtra with the help of most experienced Doctors, Medical Staff and state of the ART technologies & laboratory.

We are successfully maintaining very high success rates, Our IVF Success Rate in Pune varies from 65% to 72% which is at par with the best in India.


The success rate varies due to multiple factors such as Age of the female, period of infertility, as with age the quality and number of eggs go down, male fetuses and other hormonal issues.

Factors which Influence the Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Pune:

  • Age of the Patient
  • Cause if Infertility
  • Duration of Infertility
  • Type of Infertility (Primary / Secondary)
  • Experience & Skills of the Doctor
  • Lifestyle Habits (Smoking / Drinking)
  • Quality of the Sperm, Egg and Embryo

Which is the Best IVF Centre in Pune?

Before choosing any Fertility Clinic/Hospital/Center you need to check a few points such as:-

  • Cost of the Fertility Treatments
  • Success Rate of the Treatment
  • Previous success rate track record
  • Establishment Year of the Clinic
  • Patient Testimonials / Success Stories
  • Experience of the Doctor
  • Location of the Clinic (Distance from your House)

There are multiple fertility centers in Pune where you can get IVF Treatment, But we will help you to find the Best IVF Centre in Pune, all you have to do is Book an Appointment below & get a Call Back from the Best Fertility Center Near you.

Book an Appointment Now to get Low Cost Test Tube Baby / IVF Treatment with highest success rates by the Low Cost IVF Pune Doctors.

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